Google Cloud Deployment Manager template for Trillo-RT]( template which deploys a Google Kubernetes Engine cluster and a Deployment Manager type to deploy a fully-functional Trillo RunTime environment.


High level diagram (Coming Soon)

This calculator quote provides an estimate of the monthly cost of the resources provisioned.


Deployment Requirements

Before you deploy the sample you’ll need to make sure a few things are in order:

  1. Create a new project in the Google Developer Console and note the new project’s ID.

  2. In the APIs & Services of the Google Developers Console of your new project, enable the following APIs:

    • Google Compute Engine Instance Group Manager API
    • Google Compute Engine Instance Group Updater API
    • Google Compute Engine Instance Groups API
    • Google Kubernetes Engine API
  3. Install the Cloud SDK version 185.0.0 or greater using these instructions.

  4. Authenticate to gcloud:

     $ gcloud auth login
  5. Set your project and zone:

     $ gcloud config set project YOUR_PROJECT_ID
     $ gcloud config set compute/zone <your-cluster-zone>
  6. Enable kubernetes features:

     $ gcloud components update kubectl

Pre Deployment Steps

Create Deployment

Using Deployment Manager to deploy Trillo RT resources into a new GKE cluster is a two step process, as described below.

Deploy a GKE cluster, NFS server and cloud SQL instances

$ make setup

Deploying Trillo resources

$ make create

Verifying deployment

$ make get

Updating deployment

Coming soon

Delete deployment

$ make delete